Karnarli White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting - Nepal from Wild Rivers on Vimeo.

Nepal - White Water Rafting

Nepal 2013 Trailer - Wild Rivers from Wild Rivers on Vimeo.

Carnage on on the Tamur

Nepal 2013 Taster from Wild Rivers on Vimeo.

Sun Khosi - White Water Rafting

Hakapur 2011 - Wild Rivers from Wild Rivers on Vimeo.

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White Water Rafting is our passion! Wild Rivers provides world class white water rafting and kayaking adventure trips around the world.

Wild Rivers mission is to offer an opportunity for everyone to explore the rivers and mountains of the world and experience new cultures and environments through river trips and exploration.


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Guide Training

White Water Raft Guide Training Courses. Information on how to become a raft guide, including details on the BCU Raft Guide Training Scheme

Rescue 3

Rescue 3 | Training Courses | White Water Rescue Technician WRT & SRT | Raft Guide Training in Nepal